How to Choice the Bingo Games

How to Choice the Games At New Zealand Bingo Sites

How to Choice the Games At New Zealand Bingo Sites

There are many NZ bingo sites to choose from so you can ensure that you truly enjoy the bingo experience by picking a site that offers every type of game, ticket price, and jackpot prize that you want. Even if you want to win cars or cruises, rather than just cash, you can find NZ bingo sites that offer virtually every conceivable type of prize on offer as well as massive progressive jackpot prizes.

If you do not have experience in bingo, you can watch tutorials videos, read the rules, read the forums. Perhaps, mayby you have friends who are already playing and they can teach you the game.

When you got the skills of the game, you can try to play the demo version. After, if you feel that already have enough wholesale, you can to start playing for real money.


  • High payouts;
  • The availability of games at any time;
  • The game is faster;
  • You can play several games or halls at the same time;
  • A wide selection of bingo varieties and the number of players;
  • You can play for free.

Progressive jackpots at New Zealand bingo

The size of the prize fund is important to a lot of players; after all, what is the point in playing for a few pence a win? Most sites will offer a range of ticket prices and this also means that they will provide a range of different prizes and prize funds for you to play for. The biggest of all tend to be the progressive jackpots on offer

Progressive jackpots at New Zealand bingo sites tend to be paid if you call bingo within a certain number of balls. If nobody wins in this time then the jackpot rolls over to the next progressive jackpot game and extra money is added to the prize fund. The game continues with a set first prize, but it won to be as big as the progressive jackpot would have been.


How to Choice the Games At New Zealand Bingo Sites

There are many models in this game. Consider the most popular of them:

  • 75 balls is a popular game in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. In addition to fewer balls, this game uses a ticket of a different 5 by 5 format, where 24 numbers are placed, and with an empty square in the middle. Each of the five columns begins with a letter in the word “Bingo”, which simplifies the search for numbers on the ticket.
  • 80 balls is a game very similar to a bingo variation with 75 numbers, but the ticket has 4 rows and 4 columns (16 numbers).
  • 90 balls is a popular game in the UK. The ticket has 3 rows of 9 cells, each row has 5 numbers. In total, there are 15 random numbers in each part of the ticket in the range from 1 to 90.
  • 30 balls – an accelerated version of the game. The ticket has 9 numbers and 3 rows and a column.

In addition to these, there are other versions of the game.

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