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Fa Fa Fa Slot by Aristocrat – Review

The FaFaFa slot comes from the stable of Aristocrat, who has been giving out highly successful slot games in recent times. Apart from featuring several winning combinations, this online pokie machine turns out to be a revelation in terms of producing big wins. This was down to a long list of bonus games that have a significant impact on returns. Even though the name of the title may not be appreciable initially, it does not take long to understand that the game is more about providing the event.

There are several convenient features like the guest play and auto spin that help get more value out of titles. However, the presence of a progressive jackpot is probably a more crucial feature since it can land massive wins.

Theme and Format

This game employs a 5-paylines format that can be quite rewarding for casual and low-volume players. It is based on a theme about Chinese culture, which makes it one of the several Asian Pacific slot titles to come about in recent years. A player can only go up to 50c in wagers on each pay line. Hence, the total bet on each spin will be no more than $2.50, which makes it ideal for players with different betting limits. Apart from being an excellent destination for casual players, high rollers can also enter this title.

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Symbols at Fa Fa Fa Slot

This FaFaFa pokie manages to offer a large number of symbols that are connected with Chinese culture. Many symbols of luck are included in this title, which can provide 15 free spins if the Golden Jade symbol occurs on the reels. A player will receive a new turn if there are reels that contain winning lines. Once a free spin occurs, it is possible to obtain a Golden Dragon symbol that can double up on the returns so much so that it is impossible to get 32 times the stake.

How to Play

A great way to start with this FaFaFa slot machine is when the user downloads the social casino app for iOS and Android products. It is not a huge challenge to download and install this mobile app. Once installed, you can get additional coins by signing up with the Facebook account. This action alone earns 2 million coins, which can be used on popular pokie 777 games that have five reels. Each game comes with its own set of lines and regulations. However, the gamer can start progressing into new betting levels based on their experience.

Crucial Details

Every player should ensure the presence of a strong network to avoid games becoming disconnected every now and then. It is not possible to enjoy this FaFa slot without the Internet. Going online is also quite beneficial when it comes to receiving some of the best bonuses, which can be obtained by hitting the fortune wheel. This is available daily, and players can get rewards every two hours. There are also additional activities apart from trying to get around 200,000 coins from the daily spins.

Progressive Jackpot

Aristocrat manages to provide a progressive jackpot with four levels. EEven though many pokie machines tend to come with just one or two levels, there is a strong element of rewards with this Fa Fa Fa slot machine casino play slot. Unlike a regular jackpot that is fixed in terms of size, a progressive jackpot manages to offer players an opportunity to win massive amounts. Since a portion of a player’s wager is kept aside for the pot every time, it continues to grow in size. There are several occasions when a jackpot has been able to step into millions:

  • Since Aristocrat also comes up with a large number of titles, they are all interlinked in terms of the jackpot.
  • Wagers from multiple games get added to the progressive jackpot, which can swell in size rather quickly.
  • Some other titles that are linked to this progressive jackpot are also popular – like 5 Dragons and 50 Dragons.

One of the best ways to get significant returns on this game is through a progressive jackpot, which can far outweigh the presence of features like FaFaFa free coins.

RTP and Payout

There is no official information about the Return to Player (RTP) figures of these FaFaFa real casino slots, but it is fair to assume that the RTP will be around 95%. It can go up to 97% in particular examples, but Aristocrat has primarily been involved in titles that provide medium volatility. This title, however, will come under the category of a low volatility game, which makes it perfect for getting big wins even if they are not very frequent. A high volatility game is not a suitable option for a new player who could tend to lose money in such slots.

At The End, How to Win on Fa Fa Fa Slots?

One of the popular ways to succeed in this game is by managing the bank, as there is no concrete way of success. Every player needs to have a budget before they make a bet on casino games. This budget should be revisited every week to stay on top of the finances – unless they get FaFaFa free coins. Trying to maximize the returns in the best game is not a prudent idea, as it should primarily be done in the bonus features. Such a betting strategy can be done through systems like the Martingale system, which recommends increasing the wager after having lost a round. If a player starts with a $1 bet and loses, the next round should be about $2. It is also important to seek as many free coins as possible.

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